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300 Bottles per hour 5 Gallon Bottling Equipment Webber Automation Inc. WRX 300

Buy or Lease and save money on every bottle! call today. We make all sizes of bottling equipment, this is a WRX 300 Full Bottling Plant. Water Treatment, Reverse Osmosis, Storage and Pump Delivery system. Ozone system and Contact tank with Micron Filtration, Ozone destruct and exact level control. WRX 300 BPH System with Integrated Capping system and Hopper. Hopper holds 1000 caps and self adjusts with filler to do 5 and 3 gallon bottles with the push of a button. No manual change over required to go from 5 gallon to 3 gallon. Sorter bowl orients caps and cap chute logic controls capping. Filling pump is controlled electronically for precise filling.

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