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Webber Automation's Bottling Line Equipment - 2017 

1. Automatic capping with cap hopper 

2. Ozone-8ed rinse or chlorinated rinse 

3. Internal HE for Industrial Gas water heater 

4. Interconnected Pre-Plumbed, pre-assembled plant 

5. Cap Hopper-elevator 

6. Powered conveyor for bottles 

7. Universal fill tables for PET 8oz to 1 gallon 

8. Mineral Injector and mixing 

9. Ozone Rinse or Chlorinated Rinse 

10. Motorized Bottle Brushes 

11. De-capper, Semi & Fully Automatic 

12. Screw Caper Machine, 5 & 3 gallon 

13. Powered Conveyor for bottles-straight run 10'

14. Powered Conveyor for bottle 90 deg, section 

15. Powered conveyor for Racks-Straight run 5' 

16. Powered Conveyor for Racks - 90 deg. section 

17. U.V. Treatment Skid mounted Equip. 

18. Multi head stand alone fillers (4 to 10 heads) 

WRX 60 - 80 BPH Washer, (Sold with manual fill table.)  

The 60 to 80 bottle per hour system is manually loaded and unloaded wash/rinse.  The machine indexes the bottles to 4 different positions with the enclosure cabinet, two wash stations, a sanitizing rinse and one final rinse.  Bottles are removed and loaded at the start station.  The cleaned bottle is manually moved to the manual fill and cap table.  Caps are hand loaded into a chute and mechanically applied to the bottle after filling.   The washer machine has a heater, 2 pumps, and electric motor for indexing the bottles and controls.  The filler has only an electrically operated valve and timer with the push button control to fill and momentary to top off each bottle. 

Bottling Machines: Washer/Rinser-Filler / *Capper (all in one) Equipment: 

1. WRX 125 BPH                                    

Single lane machine, all stainless steel construction.  Unibody design with the main body of the machine working as the heated wash tank and divided rinse tank.  The standard model does not have empty bottle auto-loading, but can be added.  Machines of this type are still in service with millions of bottles running through them and over 20 years of use.  

2. WRX 200 BPH                               

The WRX 200 is a reliable work horse for the small to mid size bottler.  It also is a unibody machine without a tubular sub frame,  but it has a separate insulated wash tank and rinse tank.  The WRX 200 comes with all stainless steel plumbing, glass windows, powerful pumps.  An indexing drive and is available with automatic capping and available cap hopper that holds 1000 caps.  


3. WRX 300 BPH  - Washer/Rinser-Filler/Capper      

The WRX 300 has a similar design with 2 add stations and a quicker cycle time to increase the speed at 300 BPH. This machine comes standard with the eye level capping sorter bowl and easy access view port.  No other machine has this feature.  Capping is made easy with the WRX capping system but when you need access to the capper turn table, nothing is easier than this access door located right on the front of the machine above the cap application cylinder.  Other features include dual valve accurate fill control, HMI touch screen to adjust timers and manually cycle parts of the machine for maintenance purposes.  Auto-loading is available and includes 5' of powered bottle conveyor.  The powered bottle conveyor shown above is not included in the base price and is sold separately,  other extras shown are the Clean Air Dryer, SPS Filler pump skid and Ozone equipment. 

Shown Above: 300 BPH, 2 lane wrap around, single operator   

4. WRX 400 BPH & UP! - Base Price; with Auto Capping, Auto Loading and Electric Heating. 

4. WRX 450 BPH          2 wide     w/wsps      

5. WRX 624 BPH          3 wide     w/wsps      

6. WRX 750 BPH          3 wide     w/wsps      

7. WRX 1000 BPH        4 wide     w/wsps                      

8. WRX 1250 BPH        5 wide     w/wsps                      

9. WRX 1500 BPH        6 wide     w/wsps   


Depending the level of technology and affordability you are looking for, bottling machines in the 400 BPH and above can vary in price with choice of options,  features and other requirements that drive the costs of custom built equipment.  The WRX family of bottling machines is the most flexible design available because of the many Washer and Filler designs we can pick and choose from to mix and match to create the perfect machine for your facility layout, your budget and the level of technology you desire. Features like "True 60 Seconds" wash inside the bottle with pop-up rotating nozzles, pre-wash, re-circulated final rinse, cap hopper access for easy cap removal for product change over, and reliable high end components throughout the WRX line make Webber Automation Equipment the best value in Investment Quality Premium water bottling machinery.  

All WRX models from 450 BPH to 1500 BPH require the WSPS.  Large Format Machine Require; MW-SPS units with Buffer Tank: (sanitary pump skid with controls) The pump is sized for the correct GPM and pressure.  The motor controls have a "soft start," ramp -up & ramp-down feature, as well as timers and controls for the main fill valve and secondary fill valve if applicable.  Each skid is priced according to specific client work order. As the size of the filler increases so does the size and cost of the related equipment for pressure filling, Ozonation, ozone destruct, and piping.  

The ozone equipment, the oxygen generator and ozone generator are manufactured by Ozocan, located in Toronto Canada.  The rest of the WSPS skid is manufactured by Webber Automation Inc. its primary function is to control the product water feed pressure and volume consistent with optimal fill level in the bottels iwth over filling. The methods used by Webber Automation Inc. for filling do not pressurize the bottle, re-circulate product water or overfill as many other options may.  Controlling pumps with soft starts and vfd's and timing the actuation of solenoid valves is the method we use to accomplish our perfect fill technique.  Ensuring the proper amount of ozone residual is controlled by the Ozocan equipment.  We manufacture the frames, contact tanks and electrical controls for the pumps and filling equipment.  We also have some applications that require U.V. treatment of the product water. 

Automatic and Semi automatic bottle De-cappers 

The fully automatic de-capper can de-cap over 1000 bottles per hour, is adjustable up and down for 3 and 5 gallon bottle by push button and has an auto-reject feature that lets bottle without caps pass through without being stopped, and kicks bottles that didn't get de-capped of the line, all at high speed. 

Rack Loading Equipment; Rack Loaders and Robotic Bottle Loaders 

FastRack Series 500 BPH, 800BPH, 1200 BPH and 2000 BPH Machines. 

Operate in different ways to offer the bottler solutions to loading racks automatically rather than manual loading.  Some bottlers only use one type of rack made by one manufacturer. This approach to automation simplifies the automation simplifies the automation required to handle the workload.  By standardizing to one standard bottle ad a standard rack the rack loading machine does not require a range of flexibility needed to work with a mixed assortment of bottles and rack types. 

Please contact us at Webber Automation for pricing. 

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