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WRX 1200

Rack loading at its finest

Performance and safety refined

WRX 1200 is designed from the ground up to be the safest, most exhilarating rack loader on the market.  With unparalleled performance delivered through Webber's unique, all-electric powertrain, WRX 1200 loads 5 bottles in as little as 2.5 seconds. The WRX 1200 comes with open formula capabilities designed to accommodate your current operation, stress free. 

Adaptive Rack Alignment

Model WRX 1200 now features quick action ability with its 3 axis alignment system. Besides our WRX model's famous styling, the WRX package adjusts to new bottle and rack types in a flash: three-position photoelectric sensors deliver accuracy to loading configuration, especially on high speed production lines.

Delivered Safety 

Model WRX 1200 now features a default commercial grade housing, which provides hazard protection for operators while the machine is in use.  Say goodbye to extra additions for safety regulations, our design team was committed to bringing you an all inclusive package.  

WRX 1200  -  Test Day

All WRX rack loaders produced in our factory, including the WRX 1200, have the hardware needed for full production capability at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human operator.

Rack Loaders are built to easily accommodate current conveyor and equipment configurations.  Our team has ensured that the integration process of your new rack loader is conducted in the most convenient measures. 


Decrease labor costs

Reduce liability exposure 

Improve productivity 

Increase the bottom line

Removes the direct cost of personnel that manually load racks

Built for easy turnkey installation 

Eliminate bottle breakage 

Easy cleaning and maintenance  


1/2 the size and 1/2 the cost of traditional robots


Two 6' long powered rack conveyors 

2' powered bottle feed conveyor 

Easy to use touch screen controls HMI  

40" x 68" Foot print. 

5 and 3 gallon bottle loading capability 

Webber Automation manipulator to deliver maximum performance and longevity 

No special operators needed 

Top of the line pneumatics 

Industry proven PLC components 

Comes with a one year warranty on parts and workmanship

Designed to be flexible with various rack configurations

Works well with polymer and metal racks


Built with steel to last a lifetime  

Superior finish, resistant to moisture and chemicals 

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Active safety technologies, including 

collision avoidance and automatic 

emergency stop

Does not require any additional perimeter safety requirements

Full safety enclosure with access doors 

Protection and savings in ONE BOX

Switch from plastic to metal racks with a single button


Proven to operate consistently for a million cycles

Premium Upgrades adds 

Multiple rack types with a push of a button

Multiple rack recipes 

Additional conveyor arrangements

Are you still manually loading racks? 

When you look at your bottling operation you see exactly who's doing the heavy lifting and where your worker's compensation dollars are going.  Webber Automation has developed the most cost effective rack loading system available that eliminates this issue.  Operating at a cost of pennies per bottle, any WRX model can produce astronomical savings by removing the risk and direct cost of personnel that manually load racks. Ideal for bottling line speeds of 900 to 1200 bottles per hour, the WRX 1200 has an estimated ROI of less than 2 years. 

The WRX Series is equipped with only the highest quality parts to ensure longevity and smooth operation for years of service.  These machines have been proven in the field to operate consistently and efficiently for millions of cycles.   They are built to meet the requirements of continuous high speed production in today's bottling facilities.  It's compact and unique design allows easy installation in most bottling plants.  The loader is by far the most compact machine of its type in the industry.  With only 40" x 68" foot print.  The WRX Series has many great features that ensure your bottles are delivered to the rack without damage such as scratches, bruising or dents.  Although these machines can load as fast as 1200 bottles per hour, the bottles move gently through the loader and into your racks.  Complete with an integrated power conveyor for moving the rack automatically, these machines out perform the competition in both quality and price. 

Available in speeds of 800 and 1200 bph. 

The report is just a sample of the world class solutions that Webber Automation Inc.  has for turnkey equipment to compete in the global machinery marketplace. (Link) 

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WRX 900

A Robust Solution

Durable Solutions

All New Webber Automation Inc. WRX900 Rack Loading System, Includes powered rack conveyor, WRX loader loading Polymer Solutions TierStack Racks, ProStack Racks, Webber Automation Loaders with the smallest foot print and highest speed mechanical loaders from 300bph to 2500 bph with load and unload available. Buy or lease, reduce your risks to increases in workman's comp and injury claims due to personnel lifting heavy bottles.

WRX 400

Where it all started

From humble beginnings

The WRX 400 is the latest chapter in Webber Automation's ongoing history of great WRX Series Rack loaders.  A story that started with an inventor seeing a need, the rack loader concept ultimately resulted in the full development of a rack loader series, the "WRX," designed for compatible rack loading options for various operational sizes.


Blistering performance combined with razor-sharp responsiveness, powerful acceleration control at all speeds and an exhilarating design style.

WRX 400

The WRX 400 was developed as a high endurance solution for a plant requiring 350-400 bph output.  This single head, rack loader set a technological benchmark for rack loader design in both software and hardware.


To achieve this superb level of performance the engineering team made a huge focus to system software which includes an evolved version of the Webber Automation manipulator to deliver maximum performance and longevity.  Over all, in fact, response times are 27% more rapid than the previous rack loader design. 

Rack Loaders are built to easily accommodate current conveyor and equipment configurations.  Our team has ensured that the integration process of your new rack loader is conducted in the most convenient measures.

Webber Automation Inc. offers machines that meet the needs of bottlers that have standardized and for those bottlers that have a mixed inventory of plastic, steel and custom racks.  Webber Automation Inc was the first to offer these sophisticated machines at about half the cost of out-fitted robots with less automation and flexibility to load and unload mix racks.  The main selling point of these machines is straight forward.  As a bottler, your business is a huge investment.  Protect your investment and your employees from the risk of unnecessary injuries by utilizing automatic loading of racks in your bottling facility.   

The report is just a sample of the world class solutions that Webber Automation Inc.  has for turnkey equipment to compete in the global machinery marketplace. (Link) 

  • Height - 130" 

  • Width - 34" 

  • Depth - 48" 

  • 375 - 400 BPH capability 

  • Right or Left entry capability 

  • 240V, 208V Power Input 

  • Optional Driven Infeed Conveyor 

  • Optional Network Access 

  • Configurable Rack Programming 

  • Ergonomic Functionality and Design 

  • Touchscreen User Interface 

  • Various Gripper Designs 

  • 100 PSI required 

  • Professional and robust PLC component 

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